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Our role in the fight against

  • How it started

    RapidWard was developed by an Australian team who recognised the inefficiencies in provisioning medical supplies to the frontlines of the pandemic.

  • What we're doing

    RapidWard provides rapid 15 minute IgM/IgG antibody detection kits and critical in-demand medical supplies to governments and medical institutions worldwide to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. As a not-for-profit, all supplies are available at the lowest prices possible.

  • How we are doing it

    RapidWard has amalgamated multiple independent production facilities into one single stream to guarantee quality and efficiency. Our work has significantly reduced price gouging, ensuring people who need the supplies most have access at a fair price.

Our team of dedicated volunteers

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Milton Zhou

Milton has over 10 years experience being involved in the global Solar PV value chain and Fintech Payment sectors by bridging China and Australia, transforming numerous startups, by bringing them from zero to success.

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Saul Khan

As a supply chain expert, Saul managed complex distribution networks across the Asia Pacific region for major resource companies, helping to streamline operations with a boots on the ground approach.

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Head of Public Relations

Jonathan Hirshon

Jonathan has exclusively focused on high-tech PR for three decades. He has extensive corporate and agency PR experience as well as a history of successful global public relations campaigns at Sony, Apple, SGI, Pioneer and more.

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Director of Marketing

Alex Luttringer

Alex is a digital marketing strategist with 15+ years experience designing and executing end-to-end strategies and campaigns for high-growth consumer product start-ups across the US, Europe and Australia.

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Social impact advocate

Penny Wong

Penny is an emerging technology consultant with over 15 years’ experience across enterprise and government bodies. Penny’s personal lifetime mission is to utilise AI to transform the Aged Care sector, advocating for positive and profound impact on society.

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Stakeholder Engagement & Gov Relations

Dai Le

Dai is a highly effective media and communications professional with over 20-years’ experience. She is a highly regarded strategic communicator, a strong community relations engager, and a diversity and inclusion champion.

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Comms & Content

Kayci Scaggs

Kayci is marketing specialist and entrepreneur, with expertise in growth marketing and branding for technology and health startups. She is passionate about leveraging technology to make health more accessible.

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