24 March 2020

Not for Profit COVID-19 15 mins Rapid Tests, Plus FDA-Certified N95 Surgical Masks and Regular N95/FFP2 Masks Available Immediately to Doctors, Hospitals and Governments

Volunteer-based RapidWard Launches Solely to Get Needed Supplies Into Doctor’s Hands; The Same Test Kits as Used In China, Korea & Italy Produced at 70,000 per Day Results in 15 Minutes, No Lab Needed; Certified N95 and Surgical N95 Masks Produced in the Millions Per Day

24 March, 2020 – Sydney, Australia - – Not for Profit RapidWard www.rapidward.com launched today as a volunteer-driven distribution channel to the most important Chinese laboratories and factories in the world right now – those producing COVID-19 rapid test kits, N95 and Surgical masks.

Founded by humanitarian Milton Zhou, the company is composed of volunteers who have helped source and lock in production contracts with the infamously difficult-to-navigate Chinese supply chain and with the most advanced laboratories and factories in the country.

RapidWard is selling all of its inventory at the factory’s own costs - while an identical COVID-19 test kit is sold for $600 in the UK or even more in the United States, the RapidWard kits are priced at a fraction, including shipping directly from the lab to anywhere in the world.

Since the company has no need for marketing, there is no need to spend marketing dollars on branding or expensive packaging.

For now, due to the extreme need of healthcare professionals worldwide, RapidWard is only selling to doctors, hospitals, Health Departments and governments worldwide. Consumers can register their desire to purchase at a future date on www.rapidward.com. Further, the company is seeking additional volunteers across the globe to help bring relief to all the citizens of the world. Register your intent to help on the Website.

“The time for action is now – the 1,000% markup, grotesque profiteering and artificial shortages that characterize the responses to date should be considered crimes against humanity at this stage in the pandemic,” said Milton Zhou, founder of RapidWard. “We are here to disrupt the status quo in this industry – we are a Not for Profit, we are simply here to help humanity in the greatest pandemic crisis since the 1918 flu epidemic.”

Zhou went on to note: “We have spent the last few months getting our supply chains in place – our kits are certified, and have already been in use by millions of clinicians in China and they do not require remote lab testing. Our N95 masks and surgical masks meet all specifications and the N95 surgical masks have FDA approval – except ours are $1-$4 each, depending on the grade. We are here for action, not words. The time for words is long-past and people are dying – we are here to help when governments can’t – or won’t.”

Learn more about the COVID-19 rapid tests and N95 product lines at rapidward.com.

For further press information, email press@rapidward.com